Louisiana Photographic Society Overall Photographer of the Year 2014

December 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I supposed this is tooting my own horn, but here goes anyway. Last night at our Louisiana Photographic Society’s Christmas party awards were given out. The Monotone Category is a fairly new category in our club, and last year I received an award in this category. This year I was the recipient of the Photographer of the Year in the Monotone Category for Prints and Digital Projection and then to top it all off, there were two awards given for Overall Photographer of the Year and I was one of the two recipients. 


I have worked hard this year to improve my photographic skills and am so happy that the hard work is being acknowledged. 


It is a joy, a blessing and a privilege being able to capture moments with my camera and then enhancing them so they become my artistic outlet. 


I also love the friends I am making along the way.


Thanks to everyone who has “liked” or purchased one of my photographs!




Photo of me taken by Dede Lusk


Photo of me taken by Dede Lusk



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